How To Choose The Right Medical  Scrubs Uniforms

How To Choose The Right Medical Scrubs Uniforms

For healthcare professionals in the USA, medical scrubs are more than a uniform. They are practically what you live in during long and hectic shifts. This is exactly why you need to choose the right scrubs clothing for your demanding work environment, and we will help you do so!

Let's explore key factors like scrubs fabric, fit, style, and features while also taking your personal preferences into account. The correct fabric for your medical scrubs clothing Choosing the right medical scrubs starts with selecting the right material to ensure all-day comfort. Here are some important factors to consider:

1. Breathability
Fabrics that allow for good airflow and have moisture-wicking properties will keep you cool and dry during long shifts. Cotton-polyester blends for medical scrubs are a great option, offering both breathability and crease resistance.

2. Durability Durability
Medical scrubs go through a lot of washing and wear. So, pick fabrics that are strong and resistant to fading and pilling. Blends with a higher percentage of polyester are usually more durable.

3. Softness
Comfort is key. Go for medical scrubs uniforms that are soft and gentle on your skin to avoid irritation and rashes throughout the shifts. Blends with rayon or spandex add extra softness and stretch.

4. Antimicrobial Properties
Hospitals are breeding grounds for bacteria. All the more reason to look for medical scrub fabrics that have antimicrobial finishes, helping prevent the growth of odor-causing bacteria and keeping you fresh throughout your shift.
5. Wrinkle Resistance
Fabrics that are resistant to folds and creases mean you spend less time ironing on laundry day as they are ready to wear straight from the washer and dryer. Finding the right fit for your medical scrubs uniforms With medical scrubs, you need to be able to move around and carry out emergency tasks whenever required during those frenzied long hours. That calls for loose but not ill-fitted scrubs, tops, and pants.

Scrubs Tops
Choose a scrubs top that has enough room for movement without looking baggy or unprofessional. Styles with side slits on hems offer a customized fit, while styles with multiple pockets are perfect for storing essentials. For women's scrubs, styles with V-necks or scoop necks are a popular choice.
1. Sleeves
Go for short sleeves if you’re in a warmer city, long sleeves for cooler places, or ¾ length sleeves for a something-in-between option.

2. Length
Select a scrubs top length that flatters your body type but still has proper coverage while bending or reaching.

3. Pockets
Consider the number of pockets you need for tools and equipment. Chest pockets are convenient for repeatedly used items, while side pockets give additional storage.
Scrubs Pants
Scrubs pants should have a comfortable fit at the waist and hips, with enough room for bending, squatting, and kneeling throughout your shifts. Straight-leg or jogger scrubs pants are a comfortable and versatile option, while cargo scrubs can be more convenient with ample storage. Also, look for styles with adjustable features like a drawstring waist and ankle bands.
 1. Waistband
Drawstring waistbands are a godsend during extended shift hours so that you can tighten and loosen the fit as you like.

2. Leg style
Go for straight-leg pants for a classic look or drawstring joggers scrubs for maximum comfort and flexibility.
3. Pockets
Cargo scrubs pants have the most storage for all your tools, while classic styles with side and back pockets give basic functionality. 

The Choice of Color in Medical Scrubs 
Studies show that color can influence our moods, perceptions, and even our physiological responses. This is particularly important in the healthcare environment, where, apart from your skills and knowledge, your outlook plays a major role in making people feel at ease. 
Impact on patients
Certain medical scrubs’ uniform colors can subconsciously influence how patients perceive your approachability, trustworthiness, and competence. Impact on self The colors of medical scrubs you wear can also affect your own mood and energy levels throughout long shifts.

So, which medical scrubs color should you go for?

Popular Scrub Uniform Colors and Their Meanings

1. Black Scrubs
Black is a classic choice for medical scrubs, often seen as sophistication, authority, and professionalism. It can be especially well-suited for surgeons or doctors in higher positions. However, some may see black as too stark or intimidating in a patient-facing role. Hence, more suitable for leadership roles.
2. Teal Blue Scrubs
Teal scrubs are a classic choice that combines the calming effect of blue with the uplifting energy of green. This vibrant yet soothing color can convey feelings of peace, balance, and healing, making it a great choice for pediatrics or oncology settings. Teal scrubs can also help promote trust and confidence for both patients and healthcare professionals.

3. Wine Scrubs
While not as common as other classic colors, wine-colored scrubs portray a refined and distinctive look. Wine is often associated with luxury, maturity, and wisdom, potentially projecting an aura of experience and expertise. It is also a popular choice amongst women’s scrubs due to its closeness to the pink and red shade family.

4. Royal Blue Scrubs
Royal blue scrubs are what comes to mind when you imagine hospitals and healthcare settings. They exude authority, trust, and reliability, making them a popular choice for medical scrubs in the US. Royal blue scrubs can be a great choice for nurses, physicians, and other staff who interact frequently with patients.

5. Pewter Scrubs
Pewter, a mix of silver and dark gray, is a neutral color that can convey a sense of calmness, cleanliness, and neutrality. It's a versatile option that can be easily paired with different Women scrub tops and scrub pants if you prefer but is absolutely okay on its own as well. Perfect for those who might find black scrubs a bit too bold.

6. Navy Blue Scrubs
Another color famously associated with hospitals and healthcare settings, navy blue scrubs convey professionalism, trust, and competence. This darker shade offers a more classic and timeless look than brighter blues. Navy blue scrubs are also one of the more popular choices among healthcare professionals.

A few more things to consider when buying your medical scrubs uniform online

Focus on the size guide
Most reputable online scrubs brands will have an accurate size chart for their scrubs with detailed fit-guide to make it easy for you.

Keep the return policy in mind 
You shouldn’t have to compromise on your medical scrubs fit due to inconvenient return policies. Make sure to choose a brand that does hassle-free returns.

Invest in good-quality
There are few brands that offer the right value for the money you are spending. But you don't always have to break the bank for comfortable, durable medical scrubs.

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